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slider2-300x166The Story of America is the core component in the A First History for Adults™ program. It will give you an unparalleled context of knowledge to understand how the United States arose out of its European colonial context to become an independent nation, and how its culture has evolved from its founding values to those of the present generation.


Course Summary

The Story of America is the first installment of the A First History for Adults™ program, designed to help adults learn history. It is first, because studying American history is the surest way to see how history matters. It matters because it shows us how the world around us came to be, and who made it so, and it offers us lessons that we can apply to continue shaping America’s destiny. This 30-lecture course covers a story stretching back not merely to 1776, or 1607, or even 1492. It starts in 451! It introduces the Story of America as one directly related to the character of its “mother continent:” Europe, including the struggles of its parent civilization to define its cultures and governments, from which America’s Founders ultimately declared (but never fully achieved) independence. This telling tracks the various enduring threads of European influence on American culture, even as it emphasizes the heroic episode of the American Revolution which yields the unprecedented splendor of the United States. Then it offers a unique presentation of the Growth and Decline of the Union, as the country expanded, but ultimately came undone in the Civil War, only to eventually be “reconstructed.” From here the course presents the Industrial Revolution and the tragic shift in America’s foreign policy towards internationalism as fundamental to the advent of the wars of the twentieth century. The course ends with a presentation of the Cold War, and its relationship to the “Islamist Entanglement,” which is covered in depth in the third installment of the course.


Program Features and Details

  • 30 lectures, each 1.5 hours, for a total of 45 hours of instruction
  • Lectures available exclusively as digital recordings in MP3 format.
    • Listen anytime, and as many times as you like!
  • Yahoo! Group forum available for registered students.
  • “Facts practice sheets” that summarize the history of each major period
  • Tips and unique exercises to help you integrate and retain the material



“Pursuing this value with the guidance of someone who exalts all that makes this country great is inspiring and truly a pleasure.”–David, CA

“Scott’s course has acted as an amazing time-saver for me! Scott does all the work, sifts through hundreds of books, chooses the essentials and presents them in the form of a fascinating integrated story. And I reap all the benefits! Thanks!!”–Sharon, TX



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