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slider3-300x166Europe: Context and Foil is a key component in the A First History for Adults™ program.  It will give you an unparalleled context of knowledge to understand America’s mother continent and the world’s most influential civilization. This is a great way to help you understand where America comes from and both how Europe came to be and where it is going.


Course Summary

Europe: Context and Foil is the second installment of the A First History for Adults™ program, designed to help adults learn history. It is a 20 lecture course on the history of Europe that focuses on two broad trends: 1) the rise of Feudal Christendom from the ashes of the Roman Empire and 2) the overthrow of the feudal order by the French Revolution, which yielded the subsequent socialist, internationalist, and supranational ideals that currently dominate the European agenda. The course begins with a discussion of the disintegration of the Roman world and the rise of Christianity. Then the story turns to the rise of the Frankish empire of Charlemagne, Rome’s first, but short-lived, successor along with the nation-states that began to form in the wake of its collapse. The course tracks the unique evolution of France, Germany, England, and Spain as the major national blocks until the Reformation. The rise of the various sects of the Reformation, which caused the disintegration of Feudal Christendom, are carefully charted through to the Era of Religious Wars. Once its framework collapsed, Europe suffered the vicissitudes of the “Era of the Balance of Power” where pragmatism dominated. Finally, however, a new ideological framework arose with the French Revolution. This pivotal event serves as the spring board into the modern era of Europe, in which socialism replaces feudalism. The struggle to define national goals in the patchwork of states, however, yielded major wars, including two cataclysmic World Wars. The ultimate result of these European-spawned conflicts was the relegation of Europe to a secondary status in world affairs. The course finishes with a look at the supranational ideals of the European Union, and how this vision is shaping both modern Europe and the world.


Program Features and Details

  • 20 lectures, each 1.5 hours, for a total of 30 hours of instruction
  • Lectures available exclusively as digital recordings in MP3 format.
    • Listen anytime, and as many times as you like!
  • Yahoo! Group forum available for registered students.
  • “Facts practice sheets” that summarize the history of each major period
  • Tips and unique exercises to help you integrate and retain the material


Why European History?

  • Explore the unique value of European history by reading my blog series, starting with Why Study European History? at Powell History Recommends. Look for more information in the “European History” category of the blog.


“Pursuing this value with the guidance of someone who exalts all that makes this country great is inspiring and truly a pleasure.”–David, CA

“Scott’s course has acted as an amazing time-saver for me! Scott does all the work, sifts through hundreds of books, chooses the essentials and presents them in the form of a fascinating integrated story. And I reap all the benefits! Thanks!!”–Sharon, TX



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