1hfa5: Asian History

Western civilization has dominated the world for centuries now. Until the 20th century European empires spanned the globe, subordinating every other culture. Now America stands as the world’s sole superpower. When Columbus sailed in 1492, however, it was to reach Asian civilizations described by Marco Polo whose wealth and power were in advance of the West. Over the course of the Age of Discovery and subsequent colonial and imperial periods, an inexorable tide seemed to carry that wealth and power from East to West. However, if the world’s economists and historians are to be believed, that tide is reversing—and just as inevitably as before. But are the “experts” right? Will the 21st century will be the “Asian Century”?

Any valid prediction must be anchored in history. Thus, Powell History presents:

A First History of Asia for Adults, Part 5 – Japan, China, and India: The New Era of the Balance of Power.  The course will be broken up into three segments.  Click on the following links for the course description of each part.


PLUS: A FREE BONUS LECTURE! For students of all three course segments: Preparing for the New Era of the Balance of Power.



Combined Program Features and Details for 1HFA5

  • 25 webcast lectures, each 1.25 hours, for a total of 30+ hours of instruction
  • Lectures given using WEBEX on-line conferencing, and include interactive visuals.
    • Screencast recordings available for streaming and download on-line.
  • Audio recordings also available in MP3 format and on iTunes
    • Listen anytime, and as many times as you like, in your preferred format!
  • Yahoo! Group forum available for registered students.
  • “Facts practice sheets” that summarize the history of each major period
  • Tips and unique exercises to help you integrate and retain the material



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